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Order System


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Six Orders, Growing in Leadership and Virtue

Order System


The LCHS Order System is a student-organizational structure designed to manage LCHS junior-high students to achieve specific academic and student-life objectives.  The system supplants the traditional student council governing structure by creating smaller integrated communities of students (~30 students per Order, ~15 from each grade) within the school, thus providing a framework for student governance allowing greater opportunity for the development of meaningful leadership.
There are six different Orders, all competing for the Purple Duck.


  • To increase institutional and peer-to-peer support for each student
  • To ensure individual care for each student by the order deans who will monitor and support the academic, social, moral, and behavioral growth
  • To multiply occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships
  • To develop leadership skills in every student
  • To enhance recruitment of new students

 Unique Outcomes:

  • Enhanced school spirit
  • More robust opportunities for junior-high students to be trained as leaders through hands-on service
  • Stronger interpersonal relationship skills for each student
  • More focused support internalizing character development

Order Leaders

About the Orders

The following crests are associated with each of the six LCHS Orders.  Please click on each to learn more about the unique character of its associated Order.


The Legend of the Purple Duck