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Liberty Common owns and operates a small fleet of buses. The school offers limited morning- and afternoon-shuttle service between campuses for students according to the following criteria:

  • Between the Plato Campus and the Aristotle Campus (morning and/or afternoon) for families:
    • With children attending both elementary-school campuses.
    • With child(ren) participating in an after-school program at either campus.
    • Traveling a “long-distance”—defined as approximately 15 miles or more— to the Aristotle Campus from their residence.
  • Between the Liberty Common High School (LCHS) and Plato Campus (afternoon only) for families:
    • With child(ren) of a staff member working at any of the three school campuses.
    • With child(ren) attending either elementary-school campus and the high-school campus. LCHS students with sibling(s) at the Aristotle Campus may utilize the Plato to Aristotle afternoon shuttle by transferring to the 3:35PM bus leaving the Plato Campus to arrive at the Aristotle Campus at 3:50 PM.
    • With junior-high and high-school child(ren) participating in after-school co-curricular activities (e.g. athletics, theater, etc.) at the Plato Campus or Aristotle Campus. LCHS students with co-curricular activities at the Aristotle Campus will transfer to the 3:35 PM bus leaving the Plato Campus to arrive at the Aristotle Campus at 3:50 PM.
Transportation between campuses is restricted to the above scenarios due to limited seating.

In order for students to ride a Liberty Common School bus, families must complete the Intent-to-Ride Form, as well as the Bus-Behavior Contract agreeing to rules and expectations for riding the bus.  These forms are available as part of the annual registration each summer.

Shuttle service will run Monday through Friday. Families will be notified of any changes or cancellations to the shuttle schedule.

Bus Service Between Plato and Aristotle Campuses

Morning Schedule Time
Leave Aristotle Campus 7:10 AM                                 
Arrive at Plato Campus 7:30 AM
Leave Plato Campus 7:35 AM
Arrive at Aristotle Campus 7:50 AM
Afternoon Schedule Time
Leave Aristotle Campus 3:10 PM                              
Arrive at Plato Campus 3:30 PM
Leave Plato Campus 3:35 PM
Arrive at Aristotle Campus 3:50 PM

Bus Service Between Plato Campus and High-School Campus (Afternoon Only)

Afternoon Schedule Value

Leave LCHS (Main Entrance)

2:52 PM

Arrive at Plato Campus (Back Entrance)

3:00 PM

Leave Plato Campus (Back Entrance)

3:10 PM

Arrive at LCHS (Main Entrance)

3:15 PM

Leave LCHS (Main Entrance)

3:30 PM

Arrive at Plato Campus (Front Entrance)*

3:35 PM                                                   

* LCHS students needing to travel to the Aristotle Campus will then transfer to the Plato-Aristotle shuttle bus.