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International Students

The presence of international-exchange students at LCHS has consistently provided an invigorating dimension to the institution throughout the years. The student body enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to acquire direct knowledge about diverse cultures and global affairs from their exchange counterparts, hailing from distant corners of the world. These students provide noteworthy contributions within the classroom setting, undoubtedly fostering formidable insights and enhancing the overall educational experience.

LCHS takes immense pride in hosting students representing an array of nations, including Brazil, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

In return, our Liberty exchange students enjoy an enriching experience that affords once-in-a-lifetime opportunities contributing to their own academic growth, prosperity, and leadership upon their return. Exchange students make lifelong friendships extending the LCHS family quite literally around the globe.

photo of international students

Becoming A Host Family

We are always in need of Liberty Common School families to consider hosting international students. “Welcome families” host the student for the first two months, then can decide whether to continue with the student, or have them move on to another household. Please consider opening your home to one (or more) of our future LCHS foreign-exchange students.

Profiles of individual students are available for you to consider before deciding whether the student is a good fit for your household. If you have interest in hosting an international student, contact one the following programs, each of which operate under U.S. Department of State rules (22 CFR Part 62).

Current Opportunities

(970) 443-4202
(970) 690-8424
(720) 759-8605
(206) 957-2070
Local Coordinator:  Lasha Seaman