News From the Board of Directors - December 2019

New Liberty Common Board Member
Posted on 12/13/2019
Chuck GrantNew Liberty Board Member. We welcome Charles Grant to the Liberty Common School Board of Directors. Mr. Grant and his wife Maria have four children, three of which are current students at Liberty, Timothy in 8th, Etta in 4th, John in 1st, and David will be in kindergarten in two years. Mr. Grant is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner with First National Bank. He brings significant value to the Board.

Kindergarten Changes. Liberty has recently made adjustments to the kindergarten configuration with the approval of HB19-1262, providing state funding for fulltime kindergarten. Starting school year 2020/21, Liberty will provide two full-time classrooms, while preserving two half-time classrooms for families preferring that option. Additionally, the Board is considering an addition to Liberty’s Policies Manual which will codify Liberty's kindergarten philosophy. It is important to our Board of Directors and school administrative leadership that Liberty preserves the half-time kindergarten option.

Liberty Fundraising. Recently, you should have received a request to give financially to Liberty Common School. The phenomenal education our children are receiving is especially valuable considering what a private education of the same caliber costs. Every family needs to participate in this financial request, at whatever level their situation will allow, to ensure the future success of our school. Our goal is to retire a portion of the bond debt used to finance the school in an effort to get more money into the classrooms, and reward our incredible instructors. Please join us in donating. Liberty is a qualified charity so any donation is fully tax deductible.