What Every Liberty Parent Needs to Know Handbook

We are on a journey of education; a quest to develop mind, heart, skills and knowledge in our children. The journey, a life-long endeavor, implies responsibility for one's own education. We set the example for our children.  To help accomplish the quest, a dedicated group of school founders, administrators, and parents has compiled a collection to point the way. This assembly of articles introduces many of out philosophies, providing background on how the school functions and why.  Please read the collection. It will enhance the journey. 

Below are links to individual articles found in the What Every Liberty Parent Needs To Know handbook.

Liberty Journey

History Of Liberty Common School

Who Owns Our School

How Does Liberty's Funding Compare To Neighborhood Schools

Hiring The Best Instructors

Educational Philosophy

The Knowledge Connection

Many Americans Can Read But Can't Comprehend

E.D. Hirsch's Curriculum For Democracy

A Classical Framework for Teaching Thinking

The Clean Air Of Liberty

Classical Liberalism

No Substitute For Knowledge

Brain Rules 


Why Do Liberty Students Do So Much Reading

What Is Good Literature

Your Brain On Fiction

Why Does Liberty Have Great Books Reading Lists

Connections: The Liberty Common School Reading Lists


An Apology For Latin And Math

Latin - Don't Leave Home Without It

Why Does Liberty Require Latin

Handwriting - It's Good For Your Brain


Why Singapore Math

Looking East For Math Techniques

Knowing And Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Why Math Facts Rule

A Review Of An Integrated HS Mathematics Program


Our National Alienation And Amnesia

Student Life

Character Education In The Discipline Process

Students Unplugged

LCHS Dress Code: "The Rest Of The Story"

The Junior-High Order System

Why We Teach Social Dance

Homework About Homework