Board of Directors

Board meetings are typically held at  Liberty Common High School, located at 2175 Minnesota Dr. in Fort Collins, on the last Thursday of the month at 6:00PM.  All meetings are open to the public, and your attendance is welcome.  Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours in advance online.

2022 Board of Directors

For issues involving personnel, contracts, or other sensitive matters, the Board may vote by a two-thirds majority to adjourn to Executive Session following the regularly scheduled Board Meeting agenda.

Documents regarding the governance of the school are posted on our website and are available in the office for perusal or purchase by parents.

The Liberty Common School is run by parents and is governed by a single elected Board of Directors. The Board’s jurisdiction covers all aspects of The Liberty Common School. The Liberty Common School includes Liberty Common Elementary School (K-6) at both the Plato and Aristotle campus, Liberty Common Junior High School (7-8), and Liberty Common High School (9-12).

Members of the Board of Directors are:

Tricia Diehl: 970-420-8937
Elizabeth Barber: 970-412-6048
Todd Arndorfer: 970-402-3230
Cindy Skalicky: 970-290-4684
Mark Dollar: 720-883-6051
Mindy Story: 720-987-8411
Patrick Albright: 970-232-8257

You may contact all members of our Board of Directors at [email protected]

The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors (BOD) is to oversee and establish the educational and operational policies of the school consistent with the vision, philosophy, and mission of the school as defined by our Charter Application.

Implementation of the policies and procedures and daily operations are the responsibility of Liberty’s administrative personnel. The BOD meets not less than once a month to discuss school operations and hear reports. It is during these meetings that it examines operations, establishes new policies, reviews and changes existing policies as needed.

Requests, concerns and information items may be offered by parents, students and teachers for public discussion during a community comment period at regular BOD meetings.

The principle channel of communication between the BOD and the parent population is the Liberty Common Sense  newsletter which is emailed weekly.