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Fine Arts

Classical educators understand the importance of truth, beauty, goodness, and perfection and there is no better way to cultivate a love and appreciation for beauty than by learning to create beauty for oneself. When a student learns to make music or paint, they also learn to see and enjoy the details and skill in someone else’s music and art. The fine arts also overlap, perhaps inextricably, with the liberal arts. For instance, the fine arts of painting and music also express ideas — the goal of rhetoric — and music is itself listed as one of the liberal arts.

Studio Arts

Fine arts opportunities for 7th–12th graders come in the form of core classes and electives. At Liberty Common High School, students progress through an academically rigorous art program exploring a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, sculpture, and mixed media.

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Performing Arts

As students are exposed to the fine arts in the core curriculum, they will also be afforded opportunities to explore their unique skills and talents through additional fine-arts programming. Fifth and sixth graders are invited to choose from band or choir to continue their music education in addition to the core curriculum.
Our junior high and high school introduces several performing-arts ensembles in which students may elect to participate, including String Orchestra, Intermediate Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Choral Ensemble, and Theater.

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