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Welcome Back to the Aristotle Campus

Welcome Back to the Aristotle Campus
Mr. Casey Churchill, Aristotle Campus Principal
Welcome back to year-two at the Aristotle Campus.  Opening a second Liberty Common School campus last year was such an amazing experience for us all.  I am thrilled to see what the second year brings.  My hope is year-two will bring more familiarity with Liberty Common policies, expectations, and will bring our families and staff closer.  Many friendships were developed last year and our hope is these bonds will continue to grow stronger each year.
This year’s LCHS Class Motto is ūnā surgēmus, “Together we will rise.”  This motto speaks both to the growth of our school as well as the unity across all campuses.  Our growth and success are dependent on all of our campuses including the staff and families.  You will see many references as well as placards throughout the school reminding us of this year’s class motto and the need to stick together in order to achieve great things.  We are excited to see how our senior class grows this year and look forward to their presence in our campus.  It is important for younger students to see student leadership in action and how the Foundation Stones mold respectful scholars.
We need your support.  I encourage all parents to volunteer in our school.  We have seen a decline in volunteering over the years and our school needs your help to function at its fullest capacity.  If you volunteer frequently, thank you.  If you are new to volunteering, I would encourage you to come and spend a few hours in our school helping in any way you can.  You will find your time here at Liberty to be very rewarding.
Every family needs a warm and welcoming home and the Aristotle campus looks amazing.  Big thanks to our maintenance team for its hard work deep cleaning the building and getting it spick and span for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please make sure to thank Chris Hanna for her hard work this summer.  We also hired two Liberty high-school students, Makayla Philpot and Tyson McKinnon and they were critical in readying the building as well. A firm handshake and a thank you are in order for our Liberty maintenance team.
Our school will be at full capacity this year.  Serving grades k-5 entails a total population of 330.  Thank you to our amazing front-office staff for the many phone calls, scheduling of assessments, and tours given over the summer to intake families into our amazing school.  Jill Ronen, Marnie Dame, and Krystyna Sheppard have worked hard all summer serving families.
Finally, the 2022-2023 state-assessment results are out and show amazing growth for students new to LCS.  This goes to show, if you focus on academics, you will see incredible results with academic success.  Congratulations are in order for teachers and students.  They worked hard and deserve praise for being a part of this amazing expansion and proving classical education is the ticket to success. 
Welcome back Aristotle families!
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