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Welcome Back to LCHS

Welcome Back to LCHS
Dr. Robert Robinson, LCHS Principal
Dear Liberty Common School Community,
The level of energy and excitement has been growing in the school for weeks.  Our outstanding maintenance team, led by Brian Elshof, has worked non-stop to prepare the building.  Teachers have been hard at work prepping lessons, our House and Order leadership has been training student leaders and planning events, and many others have worked tirelessly to prepare to make the 2023-24 school year one to remember. 
We kicked off the year one week ago with Torch Trek, planned by our new school captains Grace Folkers and Will Notarfranceso.  Our guest speaker, Darius Bell, ably challenged students to become young men and women of good character and to show gratitude toward parents and others who help them on their paths.
As we begin the school year, it is fitting to review and reflect upon our purpose as an institution.  A classically-oriented school is not a machine for turning homework into transcripts.  Our purpose is larger and more meaningful.  Students should see themselves as joining a conversation that has been in progress for thousands of years attempting to answer questions about how to live a good life, what can be learned about the natural world, what are the best ways to organize human society, what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful, or perfect. 
Our school’s guiding principles charge students to embark on “a personal quest for academic growth.”  Students will be aided on this individual journey by instructors who are experts in their content area and committed to finding the best ways to provide students with the knowledge to take important early steps along a path of lifelong learning.  Our returning all-star instructors will be joined this year by Becky Pollyea (music), JT Clark (physical education), Brayden Lane (history), and Brian Sparks (chemistry).
Character education is an integral part of who we are.  Students will learn knowledge and simultaneously develop the wisdom to apply it with fortitude, temperance, justice, and prudence.  The Plato campus and the High School have been improved this summer through the installation of stone archways bearing the names of the foundation stone and capstone virtues that define our character-education program in grades K-12.  They are a fitting visual reminder to all who enter the school of our seriousness of purpose in the realm of character education.
Welcome back and Una Surgemus (Together We Will Rise)!
Robert Robinson
Principal, Liberty Common High School
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