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We Are Family

We Are Family
Sandy Stoltzfus, Plato Campus Principal
As we wrap up another spectacular school year at the Plato Campus, it is with great pride that I celebrate the intellectual and moral formation that occurred in our young scholars.
Hearts and minds were transformed as Liberty Common School students, parents, and educators united on this beautiful journey.  We worked hard.  We loved well.  At times, we experienced growing pains.  We grew stronger - together.
“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”  Our little acorns are growing deep roots of knowledge and blossoming virtue.
This year, it is with much gratitude and great sadness that we say farewell to some of our beloved teachers and teacher assistants who will forge ahead to new adventures.
keri jurgens
Mr. Jeff Siener.  During the last 27 years, nearly 800 4th-graders have worked hard and played hard under the guidance of Mr. Siener.  He is adored by his students because he loves them so well.  Fun-loving and hardworking, he has led with integrity. We are committed to keeping your legacy alive, Mr. Siener.
For the last nine years, sixth-grade scholars have had the privilege of learning from a brilliant mind and a beautiful heart, Mrs. Keri Jurgens.  Her intellectual curiosity is contagious and her wittiness endearing.  We will miss you, Mrs. Jurgens.
shelli majeski
Mrs. Shelli Majeski has worked side-by-side with Mrs. DeVany for the last four years as a kindergarten TA.  Her charisma and immense joy have been a gift to our community.  Thank you for loving all of us so generously, Mrs. Majeski.
Moving from the Plato Campus to the Aristotle campus for school year 24-25 are three outstanding educators - sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Rob Huey, sixth-grade TA, Mrs. Cindy Roerty, and first-grade TA, Ms. Erica Wightman
As we say, Liberty Common School is one school with multiple campuses.  We are thrilled on behalf of our Aristotle classmates, families, and colleagues.  Mr. Huey, Mrs. Roerty, and Ms. Wightman come to you with immense experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence.  We know you’ll love them as much as we do!
rob and cindy

Liberty Common is so much more than a school, we are truly a family.

As the mom of an LCHS Class of 2024 graduate, I’m full of mixed emotions.  More than anything else, I am overwhelmed with gratitude—
gratitude I hold for Liberty Common School’s founders - for your courage and tenacity.
Gratitude I hold for the mighty LCHS Class of 2013, our inaugural graduating class. Thank you for saying yes and leading the way.
Gratitude I hold for our excellent faculty and staff, for holding the bar high and working tirelessly to empower our students to reach it.
Gratitude I hold for you, our parents - for your dedication, your support, and your generosity.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.
Liberty Common School, we are family.  I love you.
teachers in roman costumes