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Together We Will Rise

Together We Will Rise
Robert Robinson, LCHS Principal

It has been a privilege to serve as principal of Liberty Common High School during the 2023–2024 school year.  I have learned a great deal, including a greater sense of appreciation for the excellent leadership of my predecessor, Torgun Lovely.  I have been grateful to have his advice available and to see the smile on his face as he has returned to his passion—teaching math in the classroom.  

Tonight, we have the distinct honor of sending off the Class of 2024 in style at our commencement ceremony.  I hope many of you will join us.  This Class leaves a legacy of leadership and scholarship.  They have set a standard for future classes to emulate.  Una Surgemus (Together We Will Rise)!
An excellent school relies on excellent faculty.  We are only as good as the content knowledge and expertise of those most responsible for the day-to-day advancement of student learning.  I am convinced our faculty is the best of any high school in Colorado.  Scores and awards might help me make this point, but the most important proof is difficult to quantify.  As I observe teachers throughout the year, I am struck by love.  Love for students, love for content, and lmusical photoove for teaching.  
Parental involvement is one of the keys to the school’s success.  I have counseled and strategized with many parents individually this year involving academics, health concerns, discipline issues, college planning, and many other subjects.  Many difficult topics and conversations occur in the life of a school, but I have overwhelmingly felt a great sense of partnership and shared mission with Liberty families.  I appreciate their support for the school, which manifests itself in all kinds of ways including an inspiring level of donating time and resources to enhance instruction and co-curricular activities.
Those co-curricular activities such as robotics, baseball, volleyball, FBLA, Key Club, and many, many others add substantial value to the education of Liberty students.  There are lessons to be learned on the athletics field or in a service club that are difficult or impossible to replicate elsewhere.  These activities are more than an extra, they are a significant part of our educational strategy.
girl doing science dissection
In those co-curricular activities, students learn leadership skills.  Nowhere is this more true than in the House and Order Systems.  Our structure offers a lot more leadership roles than a traditional student council.  It also encourages a much broader participation, beyond those with elected positions.  This has been on display at many key points during the year.  For example, the number of students from Domus Prudentiae involved in planning and executing prom was very high.  It was an effort of the full house, coordinated and led by Captains and Deans and executed by a lot of House members.  That’s the way it ought to work. 
LCHS seeks to provide the best high-school education available in Colorado and beyond and to be the surest and best path to college for our students.  Attempting to reach and maintain those levels is a labor of love for all of us who work here.  We are grateful for your support and trust.  We hope you enjoy some cherished time together this summer and we look forward to seeing you back in August.