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Stone Arch Completed

Stone Arch Completed
Liberty Common School

The stone arch at the Plato campus is complete. This impressive arch stands as a proud showcase, adorned with the seven Foundation Stones, six Capstone Virtues, and the Keystone Virtue of Wisdom. This project was made possible through a collaborative effort, with support stemming in part from the Plato-Campus Penny Wars. The arch was constructed by Isaac Howe, spouse of 4th-Grade Instructor Elizabeth Howe, and Mark Greenacre, spouse of 3rd-Grade Instructor Tara Greenacre.

The LCHS Class of 2029 donated funds to the project as its 6th-grade legacy gift. To honor the contribution, a plaque was added to the design which reads, "We thank Liberty Common School teachers for building character and shaping our futures. This is where our journey in virtue began." 

This permanent fixture stands as a testament to the commitment of the school in helping parents develop each student’s intellect and character by grounding them in strong morals and responsible citizenship. For further insight into the character-education philosophy of Liberty Common School, click here.

In continuation of this commemorative initiative, a replica of the arch is underway at Liberty Common High School and is anticipated to reach completion later this fall.

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