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Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward
Elizabeth Timpe, Board of Directors

As a new Liberty Board of Directors Member, I have been asked, “Why have you chosen to send your children to Liberty Common School?” The first reason is, as parents, our core responsibility is to be the primary educators of our children. 

Liberty has always prioritized this universal truth stating, “ it is the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.”  By contrast, a State of Colorado court recently determined “parents have no constitutional right to exercise control over a school’s curriculum or extracurricular activities or to demand information about the same.”  

Secondly, I trust the mission and philosophy of the school to provide a Core Knowledge (k-8) and classically oriented (7-12) education.  Recently, while reading the annual staff book, Climbing Parnassus by Tracy Lee Simmons, I was especially reminded of Liberty Common in this quote:  

“I have written this book for the simple, pedestrian reason that no one else more qualified has stepped forward to write it.” CP pg. xvii

When Liberty’s Founders got together over 30 years ago, they knew no one else was going to step forward to provide the kind of education they wanted for their children.  As I read the book again, I am constantly nodding in agreement at the reasons why my parents chose Liberty for my siblings and me and why I also made the choice to educate my own children here.  I strongly recommend this book to all Liberty parents as it echoes the philosophy and purpose this school has been built upon—the idea that classical education is the best education. 

Modern schools have attempted to squash classical ideals and we can see it is not working. It is for this same reason put forth in the quote above that Liberty felt compelled to host the upcoming event for our community, “Choosing better schools: A Classical-Education Presentation on Why Parents Flock to Them.” 

Headmaster Schaffer echoed Simmons’ sentiments at our recent Parent-Education Committee meeting stating, “we believe that we need to have this event because no one else is doing it, and we can.”  The event on Thursday, February 15th at 6:30PM will be held at the CSU stadium and features Simmons as the keynote speaker.  

Sponsored by Liberty’s Parent-Education Committee, the gathering is also supported by other charter schools, private schools, and homeschool co-ops in the Northern Colorado area.  The gathering aims to educate all parents in our community of the need to return to classical education and why it is superior. Please come and invite all your friends and neighbors!

If you also share my passion for the mission of the school, I am excited to announce the school’s upcoming Board of Directors election this spring.  For me, it has been exciting to dive into Board service in the last few months.  I have been attending Board and committee meetings for almost a year now  though I have only officially been on the Board since October. 

As this vital election comes up, it is important to orient yourself to the requirements to run for a Board position. You can do so by CLICKING HERE. One such requirement is prior attendance to a BOD meeting and current volunteer status at the school.  The BOD meets the last Thursday of every month.  We hope to see you and hear from you soon. 

Another noteworthy requirement is full alignment with the philosophy of the school – including reading the several books integral to its founding. Attending the Simmons event on Thu 15 Feb 2024 would be a great benefit toward philosophical alignment.  My fellow Board Members and I are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, Board Members assure all parents the school maintains a clear pathway to graduation for all current students.  Liberty has acknowledged through its expansion that “no one more qualified has stepped forward.” When the school expanded, it was guided by thoughtful, precise, and intentional planning of many administrators, Board Members, and school Founders over many years. 

Over the past few months, a junior-high planning committee has been meeting and discussing many exciting opportunities.  Announcements are on the horizon for a junior-high building to be ready in August 2025.  I am personally very excited to see and be a part of how Liberty continues to grow, and provide for our Northern Colorado community, the most highly sought-after classical education.