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Senior Speakout 2024

Senior Speakout 2024
Kathleen Kearney, LCHS Assistant Principal

Liberty Common High School has a beautiful tradition originating with its first graduating class – the Senior Speakout. 

In early 2013, several seniors asked Mr. Bob Schaffer, then-principal of the high school, if they could have a platform from which to share the wisdom they had gleaned from their time at LCHS with their younger classmates.  Mr. Schaffer graciously agreed, and the Liberty tradition of Senior Speakout was born.  It has taken place every year in January since.

This week, a handful of LCHS Class of 2024’s best shared words of wisdom with us.  I, in turn, would like to take this opportunity to share some of each senior’s speech with you.  I promise your day will be better for having read their words.  Enjoy.

“I’d like to give all of the students and staff at LCHS a challenge... Next time you are feeling upset – with yourself, someone else, Liberty, or your family – take a couple of seconds to think: one, is it kind, and two, is it necessary?  If it doesn’t meet those requirements, don’t say it.  We are all on the same team, and it’s hard to remember that, especially when you feel like you can’t say or do anything about your circumstances.  Try to find something to be grateful for and understand that bad days happen.  Sometimes you will say unkind and unnecessary things.  We all do.  Perfection is impossible, but as long as you have a humble attitude and a desire to improve, you will be able to leave your own positive legacy."  – Abby Daharsh, Class of 2024

“You are going to have struggles, no matter what situation you are in.  However, what can separate you from the rest is how you handle the struggle… We are beyond blessed to have people around us that are actively pursuing not only our education but also us as humans.  So, when you get a chance, try and connect with the people around you.  I promise you that if you start cherishing school and recognizing it as a place to gather rather than something that takes up seven hours of every day, you will start to make connections and memories that will last you a lifetime.” – Brady Poore, Class of 2024

“In my personal opinion, the best part of Liberty is the people.  From amazing teachers to students alike, we are what make Liberty what it is… Don’t forget to enjoy middle and high school because senior year comes a lot faster than you think.  It certainly snuck up on me.  So when you walked through those double doors on your first day here, you won’t be the same person you are when you leave.  That is a fact.  Whether you’ve been here for a year or your whole life, Liberty changes you… You leave smarter than you came, with a lot of inside jokes and crazy stories… I can tell you the effort, energy, long nights with cramped wrists – all lead to the moment you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of the things you’ve accomplished and the person you’ve become.” – Phoebe Helm, Class of 2024

“Sometimes you just have to take a step back from everything.  You have to look at life – the big goals, the small stuff – you have to see where it all fits in the grand puzzle of this beautiful life that we’ve been given.” – Justin Bate, Class of 2024

“The Liberty community really is the best, so cherish it while it’s there.  The teachers – it’s genuinely impossible to state how amazing most of the teachers at Liberty are.  There is no other school with such quality instructors… It is impossible to deny how amazing the people leading the classes are... The teachers are what make Liberty – without question – so listen to them, get to know them, and befriend them, and you will be shocked by how much better your Liberty experience gets.” – Sean O’Malley, Class of 2024

“There is something absolutely epic about everything that you get to do in life if you’re willing to go out and get it.  And if there is anything I’ve learned from high school, it’s that when life gives you lemons… it’s time to make lemonade.  But why stop there?  You don’t have to follow the cliché of making lemon sugar water.  You can make lemon poppy seed cupcakes, or lemon bars, lemon cheesecake, or lemon ice cream.  The single best way to enjoy high school is to go out, go all in, and fill your time with the kinds of random awesomeness that leaves the majority of people asking, ‘Why in the world?’  Because then what you get to do is… reverse the question and ask, ‘Why not?’” – Cass Bassett, Class of 2024