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New Website, New Goals for the Board of Directors

New Website, New Goals for the Board of Directors
Cindy Skalicky, Board of Directors
Welcome back to a brand-new school year.  We are excited to see the hustle and bustle of another exciting year of learning, growth, character building and fun.  One change you might notice, this year, is a greater presence of Board Members at events and gatherings.  We heard from you via the parent survey this was important to you that many would like to learn more about who is on the Board and what the Board does month to month.  Thank you for letting us know.
Board Members write periodic columns in this space throughout the year.  Our goal is to update you on Board activities, elections, and other important information.  Today's update celebrates the comprehensive website overhaul many of you have been actively perusing.  This is very exciting and worth celebrating!  How did this effort begin?
Every five years, the Board of Directors writes a strategic plan.  An important and fulfilling assignment, this plan charts the course for our school for the next five years.  It keeps us aligned with the school's mission.  The new website is one of the objectives written in our current Strategic Plan.  An updated, user-friendly website has been a priority for us so more families near and far can learn about usour philosophy, and the incredible value we bring to students and families every day.  This initiative falls under the committee I chair, the Advancement Committee.
This effort has been spearheaded by the talented Mrs. Kallie Cooper, the school’s Communications Specialist.  With the help of our talented art department, Mrs. Cooper has perfected the Liberty Common School brand colors as we move beyond the 25th anniversary of the school.  Our new website is complete with easier navigation, updated photos, professional videos featuring numerous staff, events pages, and a microsite for athletics. Take a look at the website if you haven't done so yet, and submit a feedback form if you spot any need for edits or improvements—it's still brand new and occasional tweaks may be needed.
Switching gears slightly... One question I often wondered before becoming a Board Member myself was why one would choose to serve in that capacity.  So I asked my fellow Board Members for one word to describe their reason for serving.  Hopefully this will help fellow parents get to know us and our reasons for serving in this way.  Please stop any of us any time to chat.  We want to get to know you and your family.  
Posed to each BOD Member:  What is one word that captures your desire to serve on the Board of Directors at Liberty?

Patrick Albright: Future - Patrick serves on the Board to pave the way for a brighter future for his children and all at Liberty - as they are the future for our nation.  He believes our classically oriented curriculum and the common body of knowledge we offer will shape the leaders of tomorrow.
Todd Arndorfer: Citizen-building - Todd brings a love for Liberty Common and serves out of a deep desire to help shape responsible citizens.  He has been inspired by Liberty's impact on his family and wants more families to experience a similar benefit.

Elizabeth Barber: Devotion - Elizabeth's devotion to her children blossomed into a devotion to the school that serves them, the faculty, and staff members who teach and love them, the founding principles upon which the school was built, and the revolution in public education in which we are all engaged. 
Mark Dollar: Preservation - Mark sought Board service with an eye toward preserving the original intent of the founding families, Liberty's founding principles, and preventing deviation from its core values, a bit like protecting the Constitution.

Cindy Skalicky: Potential - Cindy serves out of an excitement to contribute to Liberty's potential.  She is passionate about the opportunity to be involved in the expansion of the school so our mission can impact more families.
Mindy Story: Grit - Mindy is committed to fighting the good fight - helping parents stay involved so, together, we can guide our children toward long-lasting character and knowledge.


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