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Your Right To Be Involved

Your Right To Be Involved
Mindy Story, Board of Directors
Parental rights to direct the education and upbringing of their children and parental involvement are hallmarks of Liberty Common School. Being involved can be achieved in many different ways for different families. For some families, being involved means serving on committees, volunteering in the classrooms, or serving on the Board of Directors. For others, it is through a deep understanding of the school’s mission and aligning with that mission. This understanding comes partly from educating ourselves in truth and beauty every chance we get.
For other families, being involved may take the form of actively educating ourselves on the leadership at the district and state level to gain an understanding of what these leaders believe and how they will steer charter schools such as Liberty. We have had opportunities over the last few weeks to be involved, to be educated, to be active participants in the education and upbringing of our children. If you’ve missed these opportunities, fear not, there will be more.
First and foremost, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome Elizabeth Timpe to her new appointment on the Board. Elizabeth has a long history of involvement with LCS, going back to her days as a student here. Elizabeth knows very well how to be involved. She has been a science teacher, she serves on committees, is a parent of two beautiful elementary children, and is now starting service on the Board of Directors. We all look forward to serving with you, Elizabeth. We are also thankful to the other candidates, and we encourage anyone considering running for a position on the Board in the future to join us in our monthly meetings—we would love to see you there.  
Every time I attend the “Festival of Ideas," I leave inspired and longing for more knowledge. I wish I could listen to more sessions, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be involved in such an event. What a blessing to be “inclined toward truth, beauty, goodness, and perfection” in our own learning from some of the same educators our children benefit from daily. Listening to stories from Mr. Jim Weiss at this year’s festival was an adventure in itself. I didn’t want him to stop. I was a child again, learning and having fun, transported into another time and place all from within the walls of the Great Hall. We were inspired by the beauty and genuine hope of a seed, and the history lesson surrounding the conflict in Ukraine from a very personal perspective. It is one I will never forget. There were lessons in history, music, language, Shakespeare, and physical education—topics to enlighten all who attended. The Festival of Ideas is an event to put on your calendar now for October 5th, 2024. You will want to be involved in the beauty, truth and goodness available to you.
The candidate forum hosted by Liberty Common School for the upcoming PSD Board of Education election was an enlightening evening for all in attendance. We are so proud of the students who organized the event, gave tours, asked stimulating questions, and were overall amazing representatives of Liberty Common School. The candidates presented their views on charter schools, parental rights and responsibilities, things PSD is doing well, and areas for improvement.  They also spoke to their vision for what they may contribute to PSD if elected. This election has important implications for the future of all charter schools. It is well worth our time to be educated on the candidates. Be involved. Do your homework. If you missed the event, you are encouraged to watch the forum through this link. Once educated on the candidates and their positions, please ensure your ballots are returned. Be a voice and an active participant in your child’s education.
It is our right to direct the education of our children. It is our right to be involved. Find the path that works. There are opportunities for all Liberty families.
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