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Changes to Student Fees for 2024–2025 Academic Year

Changes to Student Fees for 2024–2025 Academic Year
Liberty Common School
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Liberty Common School Administration charges an annual fee of $50.00 per student (k-12) to help offset the cost of special events throughout the year.  A few expenditures include, but are not limited to: fieldtrips, Eagle Games, House/Order t-shirts, and Olympic Day t-shirts.
Additionally, LCHS charges an academic fee once per year.  Previously, students have paid individual-course fees for courses which required consumable materials such as art supplies, sheet music, or 3D-printer filament.  Administering fees by individual course was costly to manage for the school and inconvenient for families.
Going forward, LCHS junior-high students will be assessed a single $30 academic fee at the beginning of the school year.  High-school students will be assessed a $50 academic fee.  This fee will replace all previous course fees including the physical-education uniform purchase.
This annual one-time fee is collected electronically via credit card, debit card, or electronic check through RevTrak. You can also access the RevTrak payment portal via your parent PowerSchool account. Under the navigation menu, select "Balances" and click on "Make Payment."  Using RevTrak reduces inefficiencies in the collection and accounting process as well as the burden on Liberty parents to remember to send payments to the school with their child. 
Thank you in advance for your prompt payment of this fee. 
LCS and LCHS Administration 

2024-2025 Student Fees

Student-Activity Fee: 
  • $50 per LCS Student
  • $50 per LCHS Student
Academic Fee (this one-time fee replaces all previous individual course fees):
  • $30 per LCHS Junior High Student
  • $50 per LCHS High School Student
Students may incur additional charges for lost or damaged items including, but not limited to, damaged textbooks and lost physical-education uniforms.


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