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Choosing Better Schools


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Choosing Better Schools

A Classical-Education Presentation on Why Smart Parents Flock to Them

About The Event

Given the tidal wave of non-academic and anti-intellectual content washing over American public schools, parents must become savvy education customers.  Families are flocking to classically oriented schools.  Fortunately, more classical options are popping up in the private-school sector, among charter schools, micro-schools, and in the homeschool community. 

More alternatives represent new hope for families – those wanting better results and understand it is the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.  But what is meant by “classical education?” 

Parents and educators from across Northern Colorado are coming together for a special event with world-class experts on these topics.  What makes a better school?  Why are more parents are sending their kids to them?  What local options are there?

Academics, professional educators, and representatives from serious schools will be on hand to help families understand what’s going on in the modern education landscape, why so many neighborhood schools have abandoned real academic purpose, and why better schools are imperative.  Attend this forum to better understand what’s at stake and what to do about it. 

Event Details

Thursday, February 15

Stadium Club

CSU Canvas Stadium
751 W Pitkin St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

6:30 PM

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