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Board Openings
Mark Dollar, Board of Directors

Dear Liberty Common School Community:  We, the Members of the Board of Directors, appreciate each inquiry received and offers of assistance regarding the security of our school.  Several engaged parents have made valuable comments and suggestions which have been considered during our monthly security-team meetings. 

outsmarting smartphones image 1
Jeremy Tullius, LCHS English Instructor

Liberty Common High School has a strict prohibition on the use of personal electronics and mobile devices during school hours. The reasons for this are fairly obvious: academic integrity, student privacy, reduced distractions, etc.  However, the dangers such devices can pose outside of the classroom deserve equal (if not greater) attention.

Making Good Habits Second Nature
Sandy Stoltzfus—Principal, Plato Campus

When asked whether there is bullying at Liberty Common School, I typically respond with something like, “Well, we have over 1,400 human beings on our campuses [pause].”  I follow this response by emphasizing a few things:

Senior Speakout 2024
Kathleen Kearney, LCHS Assistant Principal

Liberty Common High School has a beautiful tradition originating with its first graduating class – the Senior Speakout. 

Junior-High Planning Meeting
Elizabeth Timpe, Board of Directors

As a new Liberty Board of Directors Member, I have been asked, “Why have you chosen to send your children to Liberty Common School?” The first reason is, as parents, our core responsibility is to be the primary educators of our children. 

colorado core knowledge network conference image
Casey Churchill, Principal Aristotle Campus

Liberty Common School has been a leader in the Core Knowledge© community ever since opening its doors in 1997.  The reason for its success is the fidelity to the Core Knowledge© Curriculum and its focus on academic rigor. 

Esteemed Colleagues: I Love You
Bob Schaffer, Headmaster

Two weeks ago, as LCS elementary students entered the final days of the 2023 school year, their principal, Mrs.  Sandy Stoltzfus hit the send button on a Friday-evening email composed to her Plato-campus faculty and staff.  “Esteemed Colleagues:  I love you.  That’s all I’ve got for this week. ;).”

lockers being installed at high school
Mrs. Michelle Provaznik and Headmaster Bob Schaffer, Founding Parents
The central question was obvious: Now that Liberty has the authorization to expand, can it afford to actually do it given the dire financial situation and the volatile economy at hand?
historic photo of high school
Mrs. Michelle Provaznik and Headmaster Bob Schaffer, Founding Parents

In May of 2013, Liberty Common High School graduated its first senior class. This was the culmination of an epic effort started in 2008...

first day of plato campus openining
Dr. Maureen Schaffer, Founding Parent

It was June of 1996. Advocates for the Core Knowledge Charter School had come up short after being legally out-maneuvered by the school district. The parents faced a $5,000 debt for legal filings and newsletters to its growing list of supporters.

photo of the Colorado State Capitol
Dr. Maureen Schaffer, Founding Parent

The huge demand for the educational program offered at Washington Core Knowledge School prompted the school’s founders to begin drafting an application for a Core Knowledge charter school under the newly passed Colorado Charter Schools Act. 

Love the Process—Not the Success
Frank Russel, Director of Athletics

This summer, LCS staff read Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin. In October, Mr. Reynolds and I presented to the staff on Climbing Parnassus within physical education and athletics. This article is a continuation of that talk.