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We Are Family
Sandy Stoltzfus, Plato Campus Principal

As we wrap up another spectacular school year at the Plato Campus, it is with great pride that I celebrate the intellectual and moral formation that occurred in our young scholars.

boy smiling in science lab
Robert Robinson, LCHS Principal

It has been a privilege to serve as principal of Liberty Common High School during the 2023-2024 school year.  I have learned great deal, including a greater sense of appreciation for the excellent leadership of my predecessor, Torgun Lovely

student looking through microscope
Casey Churchill, Elementary Principal, Aristotle Campus

Our second year here at the Aristotle Campus is ending, and along with it, a chance to look back upon a year of solid academic achievement for our students.  The Liberty Common Board of Directors and administration could not be happier with the accomplishments of the students, instructors, support staff, and parents.  I am proud do say it was a successful year.

The Transcendent Value of Beauty
Brett Harkey, Director of Advancement

Our family dog doesn’t howl at sirens. However, the moment our daughter Amelia goes to our family piano room and starts doing her vocal warm-up routine, our dog starts to howl. We joke she is singing along. 

One Exceptional School
Nancy Hoyer, Aristotle Campus Assistant Principal

I am honored to have been chosen to fill the role of Assistant Principal at the Aristotle campus beginning this June. I am wrapping up my sixth year of teaching music at Liberty Common – four years at the Plato campus and now two years at the Aristotle campus.

name image likeness image
Frank Russel, Director of Athletics

High-school athletics are not solely about winning and losing; rather, they are about fostering the moral character of young scholars. In the past, college athletics provided individuals from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to pursue a college degree and further character development through sports. 

girl holding dna model
Chris Reynolds, LCHS Assistant Principal

As we turn the corner into May, we all start looking more eagerly toward summer plans. In addition to campgrounds, swimming pools, and far-away destinations, Liberty Common School will be buzzing with activity.  At all levels, the pursuit of truth, goodness, beauty, and perfection continues throughout the summer.

Updates from the Board of Directors
Patrick Albright, Board of Directors

The Liberty Common School Board of Directors is pleased to announce Mrs. Nancy Hoyer has been selected as the new Assistant Principal at the Aristotle Campus.

School of Athens by Raphael
Paulina Deitrick, LCHS Spanish Instructor and Foreign-Language Department Head

One of the main perks of working at Liberty Common School is you become part of a community of like-minded people who love learning and who encourage you to learn constantly. Our administrators have always done a wonderful job of inspiring us to take classes, sign up for conferences, and do as much as we can to grow in our professional expertise.

“Look – His Name Is Cooper!”
Bob Schaffer, Headmaster

The Board agreed then, as we all do now, that children like Elliot, Cooper and their two other siblings make expanding an easy gambit.  Truly, there are countless reasons for every Liberty family to go big in this fund drive. Elliot, however, articulated perhaps the sweetest one.  “Look, his name is Cooper!”

tortoise and the hare
Tiffany Burgess, LCHS Dean of Student Affairs

While many young people might be tempted to trade their pencil bags for picnic baskets, Liberty scholars understand the crucial nature of the homestretch. Embedded in their conscience are years of character education.

Beauty Will Save Liberty Scholars
Elizabeth Barber, Board of Directors Vice President
At Liberty Common School, the educational effort to instill knowledge and virtue in the hearts and minds of students unites us. Yet this quote by Solzhenitsyn also challenges us to remember an essential component of such an education—to nourish the soul on the beautiful. Beauty, he argues, has the power to redeem.
wood paneled room
Brett Harkey, Director of Advancement
At Liberty Common School, we aim to be participants in the Great Conversation. This requires gaining knowledge and understanding of thousands of years of human history. This requires rigorous study of writers and thinkers who have come before us.
chicken little book cover
Jenna Allen, Plato Campus Assistant Principal

The other day, I chided my esteemed colleague and dear friend, Mr. Jeremy Tullius, that he had stolen my idea for my next article in this newsletter.  His recent article, “Outsmarting Smartphones: Reflections for Liberty Families”, touched on many of the points I had hoped to make regarding the disturbing impacts of smartphones and social media on students: