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image of the school seal and its description

The Liberty Common School seal is a central logo encapsulating the institution’s values and mission. At the center of the seal, you’ll find a rendition of a European fresco of The Wedding of Cana.  In this depiction, a Roman woman is shown filling empty vessels, representing the school’s dedication to pouring knowledge into the minds of its students. The three jars in the foreground represent our three stages of schooling – elementary, middle school, and high school.  The jars in the background symbolize our alumni.

The woman is depicted wearing an archetypal Greek or Roman headband and robe, and her foot is slightly exposed as an homage to the iconic Statue of Liberty. The seal includes stars and a soaring eagle, which symbolize America and its values, serving to showcase the school’s commitment to instilling patriotism and civic duty in its students. 

The three pillars in the seal represent the school’s motto: Common Knowledge, Common Virtues, and Common Sense. These core principles are essential to Liberty Common School’s educational philosophy. The torches included in the seal represent knowledge and leadership, further emphasizing the institution’s commitment to providing its students with the tools they need to succeed.  These images are set on a breathtaking sunrise, symbolizing the potential of Liberty Common School’s students. 


school motto


Alma Mater

The lyrics of Liberty Common School’s Alma Mater were composed in honor of the first Liberty Common High School graduating class, the Class of 2013, by LCHS’s first principal Bob Schaffer who later became Liberty’s Headmaster. The anthem’s phrases and poetic imagery include the school’s Capstone Virtues, its Keystone Virtue, school colors, a reference to the school mascot, and statements of school unity from the LCS mission statement, original Charter, and founding documents.

Our Liberty

All hail to thee,
Our Liberty
Light from the mountaintop
For all men to see.

Freedom by choice,
Boldly one voice.
Virtue and gratitude
In common esprit.

In unity,
Prudence and fortitude
Temperance and justice
Guide our hearts verily.

On eagle wings
Ever on our journey
For patriot dreams.

Faithful and true
Red, white and blue
Humbly, we stand as one,
For our Liberty.

Wisdom will lead us home
To our Liberty.

Our Liberty

Liberty Common School Alma Mater


Brand Guide

Our brand is our story — a story of vision, perseverance, and excellence. By staying true to our brand guidelines, you help tell our story. This brand identity guide is not a list of restrictions. Instead, it is designed to outline the school’s brand — visually and verbally — and to provide the tools necessary to ensure that Liberty Common’s brand is communicated in a clear, consistent manner.