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Liberty Common School: Excellence in Education

Liberty Common School, is a tuition-free, parent-led public charter school in the Poudre School District. We are dedicated to the Core Knowledge curriculum, and college-preparatory instruction.

Liberty Common School is a K-12 school spanning three campuses. Our two Elementary School campuses (Plato and Aristotle) house our kindergarten through sixth-grade students, and Liberty Common High School (LCHS) is home to our seventh through twelfth grades.

Students at Liberty Common School are exposed to a classically-oriented education focusing on literacy and Great Books. They are also taught foundation stones of character education in the elementary, which scale up to the “capstone virtues” of our junior-high and high-school.


Citizenship & PatriotismThe mission of Liberty Common School is to provide excellence and fairness in education through a common foundation. This is achieved by successfully teaching a contextual body of organized knowledge, the values of a democratic society, and the skills of learning. In short, we teach common knowledge, common virtues, and common sense.


Washington CapitolLiberty Common School follows the Core Knowledge Curriculum in grades K-8. Liberty’s curriculum, the Core Knowledge Sequence, encompasses language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, fine arts, and physical education. The curriculum is characterized by knowledge that is content rich, cumulative, content specific and coherent.

Liberty Common High School is a classically oriented, liberal-arts, college-preparatory institution accentuating math, science and engineering. We believe a high-quality, rigorous education is the “great equalizer” among individuals allowing all students to achieve mature literacy and obtain the ability to thrive in college. Liberty Common School prides itself on maintaining a faculty of experts in their fields.

Liberty Common acknowledges the leadership of professional classroom instructors, and recognizes the responsibility of each student for his/her academic effort.

Liberty Common firmly believes that it is the right and responsibility of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children.

To learn more about our philosophy, visit our elementary philosophy page, our high-school philosophy page, or peruse our “What Every Liberty Parent Needs to Know” handbook.


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