Alumni Update: Zoee Avery LCHS '19

Alumni Update: Zoee Avery LCHS '19
Posted on 12/06/2019
AveryThis week launches final-exam season in Greeley for LCHS alumna Zoee Avery, and her friends attending the University of Northern Colorado. The Class of 2019 graduate is gearing up for her first college-level “juries.”

Zoee plays the clarinet. She’s studying music education, and wants to become a teacher.

Juries are pass/fail skill assessments common to music majors, and Zoee is encountering them for the first time at a college level. On a recent Thanksgiving-break visit to her alma mater, she predicted juries will be the most challenging part of her first-semester exam schedule.

“It’s pretty stressful because you either pass, or you don’t,” she said. “If you fail a few times, you can get kicked out of the music program.”

Asked whether her future as a teacher might include Liberty Common School, the standout musician said with a confident laugh, “I’m totally down for working at Liberty someday – definitely for my student teaching.”

So what’s campus life really like? Zoee said, despite how others described it to her, she was still surprised by the extent of partying. “I didn’t know how many people would be into it,” she said.

“Even now, I’ve heard of people talking about dropping out of school at the end of the semester,” she said. “I think it’s those students who went to high schools that didn’t have a lot of homework. I think the shock of college and all the work we have to do – they just weren’t prepared to deal with it.”

The Domus Temperantiae grad, on the other hand, is thriving. “I’m doing fine. I’m managing my time. In terms of homework, it’s about the same as Liberty, but I have some extra practicing and rehearsing for my music programs on top of that.”

Zoee advises Liberty’s college-bound students to find responsible, reliable friends early. “College is a big transition from high school,” she said. “It takes a few months to get acclimated – especially the schedule, and lifestyle.” It helps to be intentional about the people around you.

“Make sure you surround yourself with friends who have the same goals and morals as you,” she recommends. “It’s easy to find friends who are into the whole partying thing, and who don’t want to do homework. If you hang out with them enough, you’ll start to follow the same trends.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to find a certain set of friends that, for example, like to go to practice at the same times of day, and we do homework together every day,” Zoee said. “We’re all music majors, so we just found each other.” Plus, she really likes her roommate.

Zoee’s first-semester schedule is packed – geology, geography, marching band, symphonic band, music theory, aural skills, piano, and clarinet. “The workload isn’t too hard to handle,” she said. “Liberty taught me how to manage my work.”

She projects academic poise, and self-assurance. “Definitely, (Liberty music instructor) Mr. Lunn prepared me for my music classes. I felt really well prepared going into my theory, and aural-skills classes.” As far as geography and geology, “I felt prepared just from Liberty’s general science, physics, and other classes.”

Zoee offered solid encouragement for Liberty students as they gear up for December finals. “It is worth it,” she said. “If you can make it to the end of high school at a school like Liberty, you’ll be fine in college. Liberty really works with you; and they work you hard, so everyone here will be really well prepared for college.”

Zoee reflected on her Liberty instructors. “I think about Mrs. Karr, and Mr. Lunn a lot,” she said. “They’re the two teachers I miss the most.” And what of her classmates in the mighty LCHS Class of 2019?

“The students that Liberty attracted helped me find the right friends at college,” she said nostalgically. Go Bears!