Alumni Update: Rob Knab LCHS '16

Alumni Update: Rob Knab LCHS '16
Posted on 02/07/2020
Rob KnabWhen he commissions on May 15th as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, LCHS alumnus Rob Knab (’16) will take a lot of what he acquired at Liberty with him into the profession of arms. The CSU communications major is minoring in Spanish, and finishing strong.

Knab’s dad is Athletic Director Mr. Dan Knab. When Knab the younger stopped by his alma mater last week to work the ticket desk at an Eagles basketball game, he got corralled by his beloved Headmaster for a few minutes of Alumni Update tête-à-tête – with tape rolling.

Knab is in the final semester of his senior year, and about to complete R.O.T.C. training with CSU-based Detachment 90 – “The Mighty Ninety.” After graduation, he’ll receive additional tech training in Texas toward becoming a security-forces officer in the world’s greatest air force.
College has been great for Knab, and he attributes some of his university success to Liberty Common School. For example, Knab says his most difficult class was a course entitled Rhetoric and Western Thought which he took during his junior year.

“It was a mature class. We considered at a deep level the thoughts of the greatest philosophers. There was a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and definitely a lot of thinking,” Knab said. “But I was prepared. It was just like American Lit (at Liberty Common).”

Asked what sticks most with him as a Liberty graduate, Knab said without hesitation, “The culture of a leader – a leader with integrity. I think it has transferred more into my Air Force training, so far, than anything at CSU.”

The significance of Liberty’s emphasis on student leadership was paramount for Knab. “Coming into CSU and taking my (military-science) classes, I was prepared,” he explained. “I knew I was prepared when I got there. I think I was more prepared by Liberty to be a leader, and to be an officer, actually; which has really gone a long way in my relationships. Starting with being a college freshman, I was helping lead the other freshmen, to now, as a senior, where I’m projecting the core cause and foundation of the Air Force.”

Being seeped in the importance of a serious education has helped Knab maintain focus on priorities. “Knowing the value of an education, and knowing how to think for myself is the biggest thing,” he added.

The imminent military officer said he hopes current Liberty students will try to keep high school in the proper perspective. “Whether you know it or not,” he advised, “there will come a time in your life when you’ll be grateful for Liberty, and you’ll wish you could go back.”
This is the time to aim high, learn a lot, and enjoy being a teen, Knab said. “It’s hard at your age when you’re in high school, and especially at Liberty which is rigorous. If your desire to learn is not there, then your ability to retain will not be there. So, take advantage of the time that you have to be young, to not have a job, to not pay bills…when you’re done with school, and maybe (sports) practice, the rest of the night is yours. There will be no other time in your life when you get to do this.”

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