Alumni Update: Indrani Ray LCHS '16

Alumni Update: Indrani Ray LCHS '16
Posted on 01/31/2020
RayOnly 2 1/2 years after graduating from LCHS, Indrani Ray has earned a four-year degree in math from the University of California at Berkeley. How’d she do it? She carried forward college credits earned while attending LCHS, plus tested out of some of UC-Berkeley’s core-class requirements, then took on an ambitious course load. “I saved a lot of money,” she said. “Liberty prepares you well by developing habits you’ll need in college. So many other students I met just didn’t get those skills at their regular public high schools.”

Indrani’s favorite college class was a math course called “Incompleteness & Un-decidability” which explores theories about what can be completed, and what kinds of problems computers ought to one day be able to calculate. Her favorite non-math course involved learning to read and write Bengali. “It’s a language built from Sanskrit, Farcie, and some other ancient languages,” Indrani said. She could previously speak the language which her family uses at home, “but now, I can read newspapers, books, and all the signs in India” where she is right now visiting family, and surprising them with news that she has already graduated from college.

Indrani has advice for current Liberty Common students: “Don’t discount any field of academic study,” she said. “You have the background from Liberty that you need to succeed at just about anything.” “Even if you’re not a great student at LCHS, you’ll know what habits you need to develop more when college gets tougher.” Finally, Indrani advises, “It’s good to know that nothing is set in stone. Things change in college. You’ll discover things you’re interested in that you never would have predicted.” As an example, Indrani said, “As a 10th grader at Liberty, I would have never guessed I would eventually become so enthusiastic about computer science.”

In her case, Indrani said that while she enjoyed lots of her high-school coursework at Liberty, there was no particular class that stands out for her. “It was the whole experience at Liberty that made the difference. The work ethic I have from Liberty was the main thing. I found I had more of an appreciation for education after being a Liberty student – far more than most students I met at college. The school really helped me grow as a person. I like to engage with others in intellectual discussions, current events, and social issues. I didn’t know it until I got to college, but I found that I really had more background knowledge, and thinking skills than others have just coming out of high school.”

So what’s next for Indrani? She’s giving some thought to graduate school, maybe diving deeper into computer science; but she’s open to whatever opportunities might fall her way. “You can really do a lot with math,” she said.