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Due to the high demand for enrollment at Liberty Common School, all interested parents must attend a Liberty Information Night before submitting an on-line Lottery Form. As an opening becomes available within a certain grade level, the associated lottery candidates are processed in a random drawing (lottery) where each candidate has an equal chance of being selected.

Online Lottery Form

Below is an excerpt from the Liberty Common School Handbook that addresses our enrollment policy.


Per the Admissions Process defined in our charter application and contract with Poudre School District (PSD), Liberty Common School (LCS) will not make any distinction on account of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry of any student who seeks admission. Furthermore, admission will be offered publicly to Kindergarten through 9th-grade students with an effort to invite all families in the Poudre School District to carefully review the LCS Charter and enroll their children if the parents value the school’s philosophy and educational offering.

Before a child’s name may be added to the lottery list, attendance by a parent or guardian at a LCS or LCHS Public Information Night will be mandatory. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure all parents understand Liberty’s philosophy and educational approach prior to enrollment. Exceptions to this attendance requirement will be considered on a limited, case-by-case basis by the Principals and Board of Directors.

Vacancies exist whenever the number of students enrolled in class is below that class’ capacity. As vacancies occur, those vacancies will be filled using a lottery system (subject to the exceptions listed in section d below). Seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students will be eligible to fill a vacancy after participating in a conference between the student, parent, Principal to discuss curriculum, required levels of performance, dress code, rules, and other expectations. Admission will be formally granted to the student at the discretion of the Headmaster.

The following lottery enrollment procedure will be implemented:

a) Before a child’s name is added to the lottery, parents must attend a Liberty Information Night to learn of the school history, philosophy, and curriculum.

b) Parents of potential new students must complete a Lottery Pool Form, at which time their child’s name will be added to the appropriate grade-level Enrollment Pool. Potential students may be added to the Enrollment Pool at any time during the year.

c) When a vacancy occurs during the school year, that vacancy may or may not be filled at the school’s discretion. If LCS chooses to fill the vacancy and has more applicants in the Enrollment Pool than spaces available, the spaces will be filled by lottery among those students currently in the Enrollment Pool.

d) To be included in the Enrollment Pool for the initial enrollment for the upcoming school year, parents must complete the Lottery Pool Form. Open enrollment for incoming Kindergarteners will be held in January. This lottery determines the initial enrollment for the upcoming school year.

e) Enrollment priority may be given to the following students:

  • Currently enrolled students
  • Founding parents’ children names in the 2009 contract addendum with PSD
  • Children of full-time staff
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students
  • Children of graduates of Liberty Common High School from 2013 and beyond, and children of graduates of Liberty Common School’s 9th grade from 2009 and before.
  • Students on the lottery list residing within the Poudre School District whose parent or guardian has attended a public information night.
  • Students on the lottery list residing within the Poudre School District whose parent or guardian has not attended a public information night.
  • Students on the lottery list residing outside the Poudre School District whose parent or guardian has attended a public information night.
  • Students on the lottery list residing outside the Poudre School District whose parent or guardian has not attended a public information night.
  • All other students on the lottery list

Students are not officially enrolled until all paperwork is complete and turned in to the front office including a current Emergency Contact form.

Please note that winning the lottery does not ensure grade-level placement.  After placement test has been given, the administration will review this information and recommend an appropriate grade for your child.  If your child’s academic ability does not meet grade level expectations for our school, your child will need to be placed on the lottery for a higher or a lower grade.


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