LCS COVID Response

Monday 10 August 2020 



Dear Parents of Liberty Common School,


The teeming engagement of Liberty Common School parents in teleconference briefings led last week by our school principals was outstanding – a great testament to our school’s tight partnership with parents.  I’m grateful for everyone’s attention, participation, and helpful feedback.


Liberty Common School’s plans for convening the 2020-2021 school year remain on track exactly as described in last week’s teleconference briefings, and as outlined in the written communications posted by school administrators leading up to the briefings. 


Some parents have expressed confusion regarding public announcements describing operational decisions made in recent days by the Poudre School District, other large Colorado school districts, and a few other academic institutions.  For example, some of these agencies announced they are delaying the start of in-person, classroom instruction until the second quarter at the earliest.  These decisions and announcements do not apply to Liberty Common School.


Our school continues to adhere to the public-health advice and guidance of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.  Doing so has guided our school in implementing the complex procedures, and risk-reducing precautions described in the teleconferences, and which make in-person classroom instruction advisable.  In fact, Liberty Common School’s planning efforts exceed LCDHE guidelines, which is among the reasons public-health officers support our plans for in-classroom instruction. 


Large school districts have indeed made some confusing statements in justifying decisions to close which, in these instances, are a function of their large sizes that make responding to public-health-management contingencies (such as a potential viral outbreak) difficult for them.  Their situations are very different than Liberty’s.  For these and other operational reasons, smaller schools, childcare centers, and other youth centers – especially pliant ones that have implemented precautions similar to the ones Liberty has – are distinctly not being advised by LCDHE to delay in-person, classroom instruction.  


To be sure, public-health guidance changes throughout the country depending upon the known localized characteristics of viral transmission.  If future circumstances should force Liberty’s plan to change, I will ensure you are notified immediately in a parent communication similar to this one. 


What will not change, however, is Liberty Common School’s maintenance of real-time communication with competent county public-health officers, and the school’s adherence to their timely advice, recommendations, and incident coordination.  In doing so, we remain focused upon achieving the learning objectives enshrined in the school’s Mission Statement, and upon delivering the best k-12 academic strategies in Colorado.


We know risk tolerances vary among families in balancing the indispensable benefits of a Liberty Common School education.  As always, we respect unique situations, and make extraordinary efforts for accommodation. 


For example, should illness, quarantining, or other health-related precautions dictate, the school will furnish virtual classroom access to assist parents in educating their homebound children.  If this applies to your student, please notify Principal Lovely (grades 7-12) at, or Principal Churchill (grades k-6) at


As always, please let the principals or me know if you have any questions.


You are giving your child(ren) an enormous academic advantage by choosing Liberty Common School to assist you in directing their education and upbringing.  Each Liberty educator is proud to be employed in this worthy partnership.  Again, I am grateful.

 Very truly yours,


Bob Schaffer, Headmaster



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