Alumni Update: Andrew Grant LCHS '19

Alumni Update: Andrew Grant LCHS '19
Posted on 10/18/2019
Andrew GrantThe first few months of college have been a walk in the park for 2019 LCHS alumnus Andrew Grant. “It’s like being in pre-school again in the sandbox, it’s really what it feels like,” he said.

Grant is double majoring in international studies and chemistry. “Just ask people if they want to be friends,” he advised on a recent return visit to his high-school alma mater. “No one wants to be alone, so just introduce yourself and you’ll instantly have a bunch of friends.”

“I adjusted really well,” Grant reports. He has enough credits from the AP classes he took at Liberty to be enrolled technically as a sophomore college student. His general-chemistry class is the most challenging so far. “It’s very difficult,” he said, “but after the first test curve, I still got a 96%.”

Grant’s international studies concentration is on Asia which obligates him to a minimum three years of Korean-language courses. He’s thoroughly enjoying a geography class taught by the department chair who “clearly cares about the subject, and the students,” according to Grant. “He’s a very good teacher.”

The broad education received at Liberty is helping Grant get the most out of the class, he explained. “The background knowledge from Mr. Mayer and all (LCHS) history classes really set me up for success.”

Other Liberty teachers who’ve had a lasting impression on Grant include some of his elementary instructors, he said. “Mr. Huey had a big impact, particularly in the 6th-grade accelerated-math program. Mr. Ronen, was a really good teacher. He’s always been great with his students.”

Grant remembers making a time capsule in 4th grade with Mr. Ronen, then coming back eight years later with his senior peers to reopen it. “It was a really nice experience,” Grant recalls, “and, made me feel like Liberty is a really special school.”

For current Liberty students slogging through the first semester, Grant recommends fortitude. “It’s going to feel like you’re not going to get through school; but you will, and you’ll be stronger for it. Everything that I’ve done in college so far has been very, very easy by comparison, and I’m so happy Liberty prepared me as well as they did. Although it’s painful now, you’re really saving yourself some pain in the future.”

Grant said he imagines pursing a career in diplomacy, as a translator, perhaps teaching English abroad, or maybe in international business related to chemistry.

“I really didn’t realize how bright Liberty students are until I got (to college), then discovered so many other students are less so,” Grant said. “I’ve found it incredibly easy to keep up with everything so far. I haven’t gotten behind in homework once. It’s been going really well.”

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