Alumni Update: Allison Salehi LCHS '17

Alumni Update: Allison Salehi LCHS '17
Posted on 09/06/2019
Allison SalehiCollege is “easier than I thought it was going to be,” for University of Northern Colorado sophomore Allison Salehi. A 2017 LCHS graduate, Allison remembers being intimidated about the transition from high school to college. “Everyone scares you about how hard college will be,” she said on a recent visit to her alma mater, “but it’s not as hard as I thought.”

Allison changed her major recently from elementary education to Sports & Exercise Science, and loves an anatomy class she’s taking this semester. “It’s really interesting, and I enjoy it,” she said. “It builds off of Mrs. Karr’s anatomy class that I took at Liberty.” A former star of the LCHS volleyball court, Allison has always loved sports and exercise. “Switching to a major where you get to learn about the things you enjoy is motivating to me,” she said.

Allison credits the LCHS workload and rigor for her preparation for success in college. “The homework at Liberty was hard, but it’s made college work much easier,” she said. “Lots of people struggle with that in college, but Liberty prepared us well for studying, time management, and knowing how to read a book.”

“Do your homework,” Allison advises current Liberty students. “That really prepares you for college. It helps you to be your own student, and not having to rely on everyone else. Getting your work done in high school gives you better grades to get into a good college,” she said.

Allison also advises college-bound students to not be afraid of changing majors once in college. “I was really scared to change majors in college,” she said. “But don’t be afraid to pursue a different field or career if you’re going to like it more – even if it takes more time to graduate. It’s worth it.”

Allison also recommends getting active in intermural sports as a good way to continue high-school athletic interests on a college campus. Without hesitation, Allison said, “Go to the gym!”

Allison is still unsure what her eventual job goals will be, but after only four full semesters in college, she’s got plenty of time. With college graduation still several semesters out, she’s thinking in the direction of physical therapy, or occupational therapy.

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