Alumni Update: Jonathan Ruska LCHS '13

Alumni Update: Jonathan Ruska LCHS '13
Posted on 08/30/2019
Ruska WeddingHe’s hitched! Wedding bells rang last weekend for LCHS Class of 2013 alumnus Jonathan Ruska, and his bride Jasmyn Maree. The pair swapped their “I dos” in Pleasant Grove, Utah, which is now home.

In April, Jonathan was promoted to manager at a restaurant where he’s been working for the past year or so. He met his wife through their church. The couple is now laying plans to ramp up their own business under the mentorship of a successful entrepreneur with whom they’ve become acquainted. Jonathan loves an old adage that has stuck with him, “Talent sets the stage, character sets the ceiling.”

He says he owes much of his successes, so far, in life to Liberty’s Capstone Virtues. “I give most of the credit for the development of my character to Liberty,” he said yesterday in a phone interview. Looking back, Jonathan says he’s grateful for Liberty’s Dress Code, too. “I won some Dress-Code awards when I was at Liberty. They worked! Ever since, I’ve discovered that what they say – ‘dress for success’ – is really true.”

For similar reasons, Jonathan said he remembers his high-school soccer coach Mr. Dan Knab as being a great instructor about the game, but even more for making character the most important priority. “He (Knab) was my coach, and had a big impact on me,” Ruska said. “I was really proud to read about how Mr. Knab’s efforts to promote sportsmanship are now being used by other schools in Colorado.” Ruska said Knab’s approach was similar to the way the entire Liberty faculty impacted him. “I remember all the teachers just caring about me as a person, not just a student,” he said. “I could always count on them to look out for me, and help me.”

Ruska advises current Liberty students to “keep your head up. Don’t be discouraged. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out to peers or faculty for help. That’s what the school is for.”

The new Mrs. Ruska reports, “This past Saturday, I held hands and made promises with this crazy-handsome, truly amazing and most patient and kind man in the world! As we became husband and wife in front of a small group of family and friends, I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude – gratitude for those sitting before us showing their support, to those who helped us plan a beautiful and perfect wedding, and to God for allowing us to find each other. But I am most grateful for this human I get to now call my husband. Jonathan, thank you for choosing me! Thank you for reminding me how to smile! And most importantly, thank you for helping me find my joy! Goodness, I love you Babe!”

…and that, is the pathway of what we know as “the good life.” Congratulations Jasmyn and Jonathan on this blessed milestone. Everyone at your alma mater is quite proud of you, and exceedingly happy for you.