Alumni Update: Isaac Gentz LCHS '14

Alumni Update: Isaac Gentz LCHS '14
Posted on 09/14/2019
Gent Wedding“Married life is wonderful,” reported Liberty Common alumnus Isaac Gentz, last week. “I highly recommend it!” He persuaded Ridgeview grad Kaylee Ray of Wellington to marry him which she did last month.

“There’s charter-school blood in us both,” joked Gentz. Asked which alma mater he thinks they’ll choose to educate their eventual offspring, Isaac took his time before answering “that’ll be a tough one.” The pair met through

Isaac graduated from CSU in May with an engineering degree that helped him land his job as an infrastructure-automation, and test engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Kaylee is slated to graduate from CSU soon with a business degree.

“Liberty prepared me to succeed in the working world,” Isaac said. He described himself as a quiet and reserved guy, “but my education propelled me to higher levels at work pretty quickly,” he explained. “I started off as an intern, and now I’m managing other people.”

Isaac said his skills, knowledge, work ethic, and leadership abilities have pushed him to overcome his normally sedate demeanor. In addition to his engineering day job, Isaac is involved in real-estate projects with his father; and, in February, he and a friend launched a software company called Knotty Nodes Development. “It’s small, but we’re making a profit,” he said.

He’s also done some independent projects with 2016 LCHS alumnus Tyler Schultz. Isaac’s sister Mariah Gentz (LCHS ’16) is a junior at University of Northern Colorado.

Now in the working world, Isaac credits Liberty with an academic advantage he didn’t appreciate in high school. “Proper grammar is incredibly useful,” he said. Isaac works with a lot of engineers both here at home, and throughout the world, some for whom English is a second language.

“Good communications skills are really helping me in business. In school, I never cared for grammar lessons, and the annual grammar launch,” he said. “But, looking back, I’m really glad we did that.”

LCHS instructors Isaac said had a big impact on him include Mr. Kranz (computer science), Mrs. Lannen (math, engineering), and Dr. Hubbeling (engineering). “Mr. Lovely was super beneficial to the math part of my career. I struggled in his classroom, but I’ve eventually gotten pretty good at it,” Isaac said.

What’s his advice to current LCHS students? “Be openminded. Be willing to change direction with your career goals,” he recommended. “Being openminded has never hurt me.”

And this: “Gratitude has carried me a long way,” Isaac said reflecting upon LCHS’s emphasis on character and virtue. “Always be grateful. Thank everyone who ever helps you. I thank my Heavenly Father for where I’ve gotten.”