News From the Board of Directors - August 2019

News From the Board of Directors - August 2019
Posted on 09/07/2019
Lady Liberty

FBLA and Our Growing Opportunities for Leadership. Liberty consistently promotes student leadership and independence. The recent success that LCHS sophomore Amelia Macy experienced at the national Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competitions is a wonderful example of developing leadership in our school. FBLA didn’t even exist at Liberty a little over a year ago but through the vision of 2019 alumnus Cole Goeltl and other driven Liberty students. Having a supportive environment that encourages students to pursue their interests gives students the chance to start something from scratch, develop a plan, work with others, ultimately finding satisfaction through creating something and maybe even winning an award at the state or national level. Liberty Common jr.-high and high school have numerous clubs and organizations from chess, RC club, ukulele club, and so many others that have all developed through a student-and-teacher partnership to enrich students’ experiences, foster leadership, and connect with others.  

School Security. School security has changed considerably in the last few years. The discussion is different than it was when we were all growing up going to school. Our students are far more aware of the need for protection than we ever would have wanted them to be. While these conversations are difficult to have with our children in the aftermath of nationwide school-safety incidents, they are extremely important. We feel that it is the responsibility of all parents to talk to their kids about these events in a way that is most appropriate for your family.

At Liberty we want to share with you that security and keeping our children safe is of utmost importance. We are fortunate enough to have Mr. Dan Knab as the head of our security team which has members at both the high school and elementary schools. Mr. Knab has a background in law enforcement and has used his knowledge to implement multi-faceted plans, training, outside analysis and equipment all in effort to do everything we can as a school to keep our children safe. Part of the school’s safety training is coordinated through PSD, with additional training delivered by the Fort Collins Police Department. Some specifics of these plans are sensitive in nature, and are updated regularly by Mr. Knab and his team. The BOD takes safety seriously. It is a regular topic at our meetings.

Our professional staff are dedicated not only to educating our children at the highest level, they are committed to protecting our school and the valuable students and staff inside.

Junto - Second Annual. Save the date, and don’t miss out on the second-annual Junto to be held on November 18th, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8pm at the high school. At our first event we answered the question, “What is a Junto?” Come and dive deeper into the answer.  What you will find during the evening is more clues to unlocking the mysteries of our teenagers, great book reviews, socializing with parents and teachers, onsite child care and dessert! More details will follow. Be part of an engaging evening of community enlightenment, and discussion.